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A resource for those interested in the unique culture of Liverpool Orangeism. More pictures will be added in the future: please contact me if you have any pictures of this type, especially those of Netherfield Road, China Street, The Braddocks and the North End. Pictures of the other Loyal Institutions would also be welcome, as would illustrations of objects and souvenirs produced in the past - banners, bass drums, badges, decorative china and glass, and paintings. See the WANTED section at the foot of the page. This site may take a while to load because of the size of some of the images: please be patient.

This is our culture and our way of life.
We have a right to be proud of it and a right to celebrate it.

Netherfield Road

China Street, off Netherfield Road.
Decorated for the Twelfth, probably between the wars.

Many thanks to Bro. Worthington of CSMB for supplying this picture

A Street off Netherfield Road

The Bands

Kirkdale's Glory LOL 113
Originally 'The Skull and Cross-Bones Band', later known as 'The KGB'


Above: Kirkdale's Glory DFB, c. 1987-8
Bandmaster, the late Joseph James behind the bass drum

After the Twelfth:
Dave Williams, Joey James and George Thorpe of Kirkdale's Glory (Left to right, in red)
with Bill Burns of Heroes of the Boyne (in blue, centre). Monarch Club, Netherfield Road, 1980s.

Further pictures of Kirkdale's Glory Band can be viewed at Orange Pages.


Heroes of the Boyne LOL 61
now known as Britannia HOTB



Above: Drummers, Heroes of the Boyne Band. Late 1950s?

Above: Heroes of the Boyne Band, Shaw Street/Everton Brow, 1962


Malcolm and Robert Burns. The right-hand picture was taken in 1963.


Midshipmen's uniforms worn by members of JLOL 61, late 1950s-early 1960s.
A photograph almost certainly taken on Everton Brow.

Above: Heroes of the Boyne, Shaw Street Liverpool. 1970s.

Heroes of the Boyne Band
Exchange Station, Liverpool, early 1970s.

Heroes of the Boyne, Leece Street, Liverpool, 18 July 1976.

Heroes of the Boyne, 12 July Southport, 1970s.

Above: William Burns, Bandmaster. Southport, late 1970s


Above: Heroes of the Boyne, early 1980s

Above: Heroes of the Boyne, 12 July Southport. Early 1980s.

Above: Heroes of the Boyne, mid 1980s

Above Colonel Saunderson Band & Friends

Above Johnstons True Blues 6th July 1953

The Ivy

The Ivy

Moorfields 12th July 1954

Coming up Moorfields towards Exchange station 12th July 1954

14th July 1947  Moving off in procession from the Pier Head after returning from their visit to New Brighton

14th July 1947 Moving off in procession from the Pier Head after returning from their visit to New Brighton

More Liverpool Bands At "Bygone Days Of Yore"

The Lodges

Kirkdale's Glory LOL 113

Above: The last picture of Kirkdale's Glory LOL 113
Southport, 12 July 2000

Lest we Forget

Sisters of the Boyne LLOL 61
and Heroes of the Boyne JLOL 61


Above: JLOL 61 Banner on parade, Netherfield Road. Late 1990s.

Above: Sisters of the Boyne LLOL 61, St George's Hall, Liverpool, late 1990s.

Above: JLOL 61 Heroes of the Boyne, Everton Brow/Shaw Street, early 1960s

Kings and Queens


Above Left: Sister C.M. Burns, LLOL 61 (undated)
Above Right: Brother Burns and Sister Pallet, JLOL 61 (1960s?)
The Loyal Orders In Liverpool

Visiting Brethren

Above: A panoramic view of Orange brethren from Detroit, USA,
on parade in Southport, England,
on 12 July 2000.

Come back soon, brothers!


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New pictures will be regularly added to this site when they become available. If you have anything of interest in your family album then please scan it as a *.jpg or *.gif and either post it on your own web page, or upload it to the image gallery, you'll need to register first. The Netherfield Road Navy would be especially interested in publishing pictures of banners, band uniforms, church parades, presentations and formal dinners. Any old pictures of streets dressed for the Twelfth would also be appreciated.

Interestingly, though the old flute tune 'The Netherfield Road Navy' was heard coming out of a certain hostelery in Southport on the Twelfth this year, no one seems to have all the words written down. If you have them, e-mail us and we'll publish them.

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